• Does anyone have any recent feedback re opening hours? The Qantas website still says up to the last QF departure, though I notice the lounge hours on Google have been updated to 5am - 10pm daily. I'm on CX138 on Tuesday (April 19th) at 2130. The last Qantas departure for that day is QF1 @ 1545.

  • Also worth noting - the fine print states "Qantas Frequent Flyer members who reside outside of Australia are not eligible for this offer". So any fellow expats needn't bother.

  • PSA: Anyone booked on CX104 (MEL-HKG) on a Wed or Fri is advised to check the status of their booking. I was booked for Wed Dec 8th, which has been cancelled, rebooked on CX178 (the 1am departure). All well and good, but I received no notification whatsoever from Cathay. What's more, I was due to...

  • Just clarifying re the LHR-SIN leg not being sold anymore... Does this mean expats living in Singapore can't book / fly QF to London on a SIN-LHR return ticket? Have I read that correctly? Thanks.

  • Got engaged to my (now) wife in the QR onboard lounge! A7-API. The crew brought out a personalised cake garnished with rose petals and one of the pilots came down from the flight deck to congratulate us. We had a big party in our PJ's. And they arranged VIP treatment for the transit in Doha compl...

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  • Agreed, this isn't the forum for a rant. If it were I would rant about people that use made up words like “ Irregardless “

  • Status Credit Offer

    Aug 29, 2019, 11:13 AM

    Originally Posted by sanj747 Originally Posted by patrickk Originally Posted by OttoV I hate to cause disappointment to fellow travellers with the reality that double status credits, 50% status credits and ALL Qantas promotions claiming that it will get you closer to the ...

  • Emirates Lounge Sydney Airport

    May 28, 2019, 12:23 PM

    Yes, I’ve used it before QF1 a few times, as well as prior to QF139. The only time I’ve ever been caught out was with QF127, the mid-morning HK departure - apparently the lounge closes for a few hours after the early morning EK flight to DXB.

  • Ok, cool, thank you for the follow up

  • Thanks all for the [email protected] wouldn’t that mean my place in the queue vs other platinums is determined by date of request rather than how long I have been platinum for? I understood upgrade requests from FF’s of the same loyalty tier where processed on a first come, first ...

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