• Not fond of their color scheme but food and beverage amongst the top out there.Love the high value a la carte meals and classified Bordeaux served at their flagship lounge. Their direct to gate boarding (concourse dependant) was a luxury.

  • I'll also add the stupid retractable frosted partition. FA intrudes the aisle seat space to take orders / deliver food to window seat. When partition is up. It cuts off the window view for all except window seats.You have to be an absolute idiot to even contemplate and approve a version 2 of a fa...

  • JAL reveals new Airbus A350 seats

    Jun 21, 2019, 09:43 PM

    JAL has one of the best soft products, now they have a seat to match.

  • I am flying SQ tin via CHC. Lobster Thermidor awaits. :)I will be lucky to se a shrimp on NZ tin these days!

  • Fond memories of prawn entrees & perfectly cooked "pink in the middle" eye fillet on the 767. Bored of brisket, beef cheeks and shanks on 787-9. Hoping 787-10 will have better food.

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