• Absolutely.First class & has only ever been ‘snob value’ class.I have done it a few times,don’t really care for it.Business is so good now,I am surprised it has not become obsolete.

  • As far as I am concerned,First class is all about the ‘snob appeal’,you just do not need it.Business is more than adequate,there is some fantastic Business products out there.

  • Spot on! It is without a doubt a sheer waste of money.Absolutely no value in it,aside from the ‘privacy’ aspect.I flew SIA biz awhile back to LHR,just a great product,in my op,Qantas cannot even match it.

  • I have never seen the point of First class.Just a sheer waste of money(yes I have done it) Business is so good these days,you simply do not need it.Sure it is a massive money spinner for any carrier.I just could not be bothered!

  • Very good!Thank god I never traveled in economy on one of them!I will have to remember that one.(my brother in law would see the funny side of that one,he is a retired RAAK pilot..Flys Heli’s very occasionally.

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