• From 3 people I know, working at the same place (big name organisation), all pretty much on the same pay, around the same age, similar credit history (no home/car loans) and under 10k credit card limits. They all applied to ANZ, BW, NAB and AMEX under the current offers at the same time, all requ...

  • Except that BW put a 50-transaction limit per day, and have closed some accounts that have exploited this. (look up the thread on AFF).

  • Review:

    Mar 02, 2015, 09:39 AM

    Nice review. It's interesting how VA priced these flights, SYD/MEL/BNE-AKL is cheaper than SYD-MEL! Out of NZ the fares for inderict flights are marginally higher than direct ones, so one could easily maximise on points/SC by taking a detour (e.g. fly to BNE via MEL, MEL via SYD etc.).

  • The tray in that photo is placed the wrong way (food away from the imaginery passenger). And that orange/red colour in the arm rest yells cheap. Just sayin'

  • Great reporting. Meanwhile in NewsCorp wasteland, someone titled their report which is riddled with inaccuracies: would you pay 5.5k to fly backwards?

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