• This is Great News.I am South Australian and would like them to reinstate the service we had here from 1982 to 1995.A Nonstop to Singapore for those of us unable to get on the SIA/Qantas A330 flights due to overbooking for example or a through run to London.The Six Hour Waits at Changi are good i...

  • Soon apart from the Daily Nonstops Melbourne/Sydney and Brisbane to Singapore coupled with the Perth and Adelaide services There will be no Qantas left in Singapore.Was just reading that once the axe falls on Frankfurt This Time next year that is it.You Switch to Virgin Operated by SQ or Jetstar ...

  • A Good Thing.I booked mine back in July using SQ which is the same flight but costs about 5% more.

  • Qantas adds new flights to Singapore

    Oct 06, 2012, 09:59 PM

    In Response to Andrew It should be alright to do so.I last went back as a trip in it's own right in 2010 and was seated next to this passenger who was continuing onto London after Singapore on the connecting BA12.We were on the Adelaide to Singapore QF81 together.

  • You can book it via the Singapore Airlines Website.I had the option of doing it via Virgin Australia to go to Singapore in December but they wanted Instant Purchase but SQ let me wait two to three weeks.Off the topic a little would a check in attendant at any of these airports know what a Velocit...

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  • I last did this sector in 1990 coming back from Canada on an Elementary School Cultural Exchange and let me tell you this.Back then compared to the opposition Hawaiian with their DC8/Tristar and Continental AND United with their DC10 and 747's The IFE was better on the Australian Carrier.Fast For...

  • Just Fly Virgin Atlantic.That's Virgin Atlantic HKG to SYD and with a good connection get your Virgin Australia Domestic Connection onto Melbourne from Sydney.The Other Option is on the coming back sector get the Non Adelaide stoppers on Cathay Pacific into Melbourne.It's not that bad.

  • unsure.I hope THEY Provide a Service into Singapore from all the Ports they used to serve.Till SQ introduced Day Flights into Adelaide recently The Only way to Avoid Overnighting was to get the BA11 to Perth when that was around a long time ago and get the last Qantas of the day onto Adelaide.

  • It doesn't quite work like that.I belong to both Thai Royal Orchid Plus and Velocity and Currently Still use my Thai to get SQ Points for instance.go check with Singapore Airlines what to do

  • Lots of alternatives for the money.find one you like and go with that.I had the same problem in 2011 for Cairo but thanks to help from my family was able to swap the ticket there to go to London Instead.

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