• On long-haul day flights I like to work with the window shade up, so that natural light comes in. But usually everyone else has their blinds down, trying to make it like night time in the cabin. Should I ignore the disapproving looks that sometimes come from fellow passengers?

  • Does this start right away or are (some of) the flights ex SYD still in the old format?

  • Even when it's expanded, the business lounge will still be crowded at peak times. All the more reason to strive for those extra points and move up to Platinum.

  • New normal?

    Apr 15, 2020, 03:31 PM

    No doubt business travel will be reduced, but it won't disappear. Just as there is a big difference between looking at paintings in the Louvre on line and looking at them for real in the actual gallery in Paris, so there's a big difference between social/commercial interaction with someone on a s...

  • The JAL business class window seats give you a lot of privacy and direct (if very narrow) aisle access. The clincher for me is the Japanese main meal menu on JAL. A superb and authentic Japanese experience.

  • Gluten free meals in business class

    Dec 21, 2019, 05:19 PM

    My wife is coeliac, meaning that she has to be gluten free for medical reasons, not just by choice. When she travels with me in business class, while I enjoy the business class menu she usually gets served the same uninspiring GF meal that is served throughout the plane, and sometimes it is also ...

  • Sama Sama groundside is very nice, but pricey. If you smile, they may give you an upgrade to the premium floor which is excellent -- free breakfast, and some food throughout the day.

  • Would you drink aircraft tank water?

    Nov 07, 2019, 12:07 PM

    I once acquired a giardia infection from drinking tank water on Air Nauru. But no problem on "modern" airlines.