• I received an email yesterday from Qantas and looking at the link for travel across the Tasman no inflight entertainment is offered and you get a hot meal and a bottle of water. I assume this means no bar service. If I am reading this right it is the same in business as well....https://www.qantas...

  • I am not even booking intrastate until the week before these days. I hope airlines catch up that travellers will book last minute but only if the price is still right. 

  • I would try and avoid the plane if I could but I would fly if I had no other options. What I don't like about the plane is airlines are squishing so many people into it. That is why I would prefer to fly on a different model. Look at American they give you 30# pitch and low as 16.6# widith. I wou...

  • I really love the current Qantas food offering during COVID. Can it please stay for the future! Much better quality of food and a bigger offering. 

  • I agree. I have had a refund back and waiting for another (3 months so far). But I probably would have held in credit if I had an offer. When I said refund the agent asked me a few times are you sure. I just said what is the benefit for me keeping it with you?

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