• Great article, I only wish I had read it 12 months ago, I qualified for PPS earlier in the year, have just requalified for QF platinum.I could have been VA and QF Platinum and SQ PPS.Ah well next year.

  • Checking on availability of points flights in economy.SYD - Munich next year depart June return July 131,000 points, now I think that’s not too bad, taxes $770, that is still high in comparison to say a discount fare of $1,200 return.But consider this if I want to go in December this year ...

  • more points to fly business, less points to fly economy....more points to fly a sub standard product, why you ask, recently flew on Qantas to HK in a sky bed!Qantas are followers not innovators, they lag other premium airlines by a couple of years

  • For lifetime Platinum 1, if my maths are right - about 25 continuous years of Platinum 1..I have been a QFF for 25 years, have 25,000 lifetime statusBut currently am Platinum and PPS Club, so that might tell a story.

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  • If you can get a business layout on Qantas 1-2-1 then that is OK, but Qantas has far to many planes still equipped with sky beds with not all seats having aisle access, and its just not about the seats, but the head phones and screens just don’t cut it when compared to an A350.And from all ...

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