• I spoke too soonAMEX refunded $3400 only for it to be reversed because VA has issued a travel credit that expires April 2021.So I have just over 6 months to use over three thousand dollars for domestic travel = useless.

  • I booked a Tokyo flight in Business and VA gave me a travel  credit but with limited options to use it under the current situation there was no way I was going to use thousands in credit in the validity of the credit.I processed a dispute through my bank and was refunded the full amount.JASON

  • They can't run the state so how on earth are they going to be able to run an airline.

  • The codeshare between QF/NZ isn't new, perhaps and extension of current arrangement.18mths ago I was planning a trip to NZ and while researching best flights I thought QF might add on a JQ domestic New Zealand flight to where I was going and astonishingly, all domestic NZ sectors were with Air NZ...

  • I simply sent Qantas an email asking about options to reach a higher status. I was QF Bronze and VA Platinum and after providing 12mths of statements from VA they gave me 2 options.1. Platinum match for 400 sc in 90 days, or2. Gold status for 200sc in 90 days.The condition is that SC's can only b...

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