• As a physician who's had one friend lose her father to COVID and another lose his child, I can assure you this virus is definitely not under control and they are not exaggerating the seriousness of it.

  • I believe if you check that note carefully, you'll find it says "requests", not "requires".  That's a small difference that makes a big one.

  • The only thing stopping Australia from doing this is money.About 85% of the operational costs for these facilities are paid by the host airport, not the US government. In addition, US-bound passengers need to be segregated from other international flights as they have effectively "entered" the U...

  • From SYD, AC via YVR is actually about half an hour quicker than QF11 via LAX because of the faster transit. They're running a 789 on the transcontinental flight now too, so no downgrade on that leg. The only catch is they land at EWR instead of JFK.

  • Agreed. Accor Platinum was the one hotel status that actually made me shift business and book directly with the hotel. I used to really enjoy my Sofitel stays, but since I lost Platinum I've booked whatever 5* hotel was most convenient on Hotels.com instead.

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