• Some big thing with all the fan fair they came out with last year boasting about the jobs, tourists and other benefits to Canberra. It will be the best domestic airport in Australia soon, that's all that they will offer soon enough. I think I will stick to QF via Sydney to the world, at least I k...

  • Don't know why I care but it's simple. There will still only be 2 domestic carriers between CBR-SYD, QR and SQ cannot sell seats on these sectors and SQ won't be flying return. Look at what time they fly, they are going to be handled by different ground handlers so fewer hours for cleaners, cater...

  • Wrong, try again.

  • Poor effort by Canberra Airport, less than 2 years in and job losses already, International travel to and from Canberra only a short term venture.

  • Sydney-Canberra flight cancellations

    Nov 27, 2017, 09:29 PM

    Is there not an EBA with the 717 pilots that is not helping the issue? Reliability is so poor it's quicker to get a bus.

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