• Double SC is great but it comes at a big, big cost. Pre-promo BNE-SIN-KUL was around $1,500 each way discounted business. Now it is over $2k. So that is $1,000 extra on return trip. Being SME, we will wait until the price comes back down.

  • A true enhancement would have been to earn SC's and points on rewards bookings. After all, the airline is getting paid for them with the QFF points currency.And, while they are at it .. if upgrading on points (QFF currency) the earn should be equal to the upgrade class for points and SC's. Now, t...

  • Qantas launches Lifetime Platinum

    Jun 20, 2019, 11:06 AM

    Wow! 75k! I just checked … after 28 years I have 30k and LTG from when it was launched. But, no way does this motivate me at all. Maybe time to see what SQ program feels like again. BAEC sounds like a smart move also.

  • QFF Points is the second currency in Australia. It is massive.

  • Finnair A359 has same lovely loo views

  • As a frequent One World Emerald KUL user I can confirm that there is not one decent lounge for One World members. In fact, there is nothing about KLIA 1 that I can say anything good about and do not want to really say what I think about KLIA II for fear of being banned...