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  • Qantas contact centre hold times

    Jan 18, 2020, 11:43 PM

    I often find very short hold times if calling after 00:30 QLD time.

  • I have a QF ticket for travel PER - SIN - RGN return. My baggage allowance shows as 30kg for all sectors, except for sector 2 where I am on a 3K flight number and only have 20kg. Will I have to limit my baggage to 20kg for the trip or will 30kg be accepted on sector 2?

  • I'm curious why you are prepared to spend so much for status. If you are after free lounge access, it would be better value to use the money in airport restaurants. I have been QF platinum in the past and found the experience to be underwhelming. 

  • I'm getting too old for overnight flights, so that's MH off the list for ex- PER.

  • Seems like 17 November is the last date for these flights.

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