• Originally Posted by Himeno Originally Posted by Michael Kao My guess is that it's highly likely. After they shift the MEL flight to HND, they have one extra slot for NRT. Perfect for another SYD-NRT flight. They don't have "one extra slot for NRT". They have as many flights to NRT as the airport...

  • They haven't officially announced what equipment will be utilised for this route so until then it's speculation.

  • Meh, at least Singapore's safety videos aren't cringey like the Qantas cricket team safety video. But yes I do agree that the safety videos should get back to being in an aircraft environment because who puts a seatbelt whilst chilling on an outdoor bench?

  • 737 Max 8 grounded by China

    Mar 12, 2019, 03:47 PM

    Boeing 737 Max has also been grounded in Singapore, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

  • Originally Posted by dddale I think the end of the 747 has already been factored. They will hang on to the 747 until it's time to wave them off and not because of necessity, but because they are owned, fuel is not as expensive as it once was and they can flog them as much or as little as they wa...