• I can earn more miles staying at Hilton Hotels where they currently award 2500 miles per stay!

  • With all the hype ... somehow you can't dine with another person anymore it seems as there's nowhere another person can sit opposite you during a meal it seems now.

  • Malaysia Airlines A350 for Tokyo

    Dec 18, 2017, 03:05 AM

    But it seems that the flight will not have F class. Inventory shows up to J class and seat maps show row 1 - for F class - to be completely blocked off.

  • F class is kept because there are a few Datuk / Datins who will only fly in F class... and that some government officials can still hope to be upgraded on their J class tickets when flying on government 'business'.

  • The best way to avoid the ADP... fly into the UK, but leave from anywhere else other than the UK.

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