• To be honest, it doesn't matter what tablet they use as they deploy a custom skin/app which prevents the user from accessing the true OS underneath.

  • I don't completley agree with you on that one John. An average user reading this article would (probably) assume that slow 2g data speeds meant less $ and 3g meant more $ (which is not true) The example about the email headers is a good one though. (But it wouldn't work when you are just s...

  • Dan, if I can be frank, you are trying a little too hard with your tech articles here. I just don't understand this statement: "as a side issue, slow data can be a good thing when you're paying global roaming charges anyway, since the faster the internet, the faster you will burn through megaby...

  • Note: If you are using your Apple id to send and recieve imessages, and you have other ios devices which use the same Apple id, then all devices would recieve an imessage

  • Hmm, looking at some screen shots of Jetstars iPad based IFE system, it seems like they are running a custom firmware as well (you can only access certain apps and seeting with the iPad). I'm guessing JetStar and Apple have struck a deal to modify the firmware.

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