• Im confused...the headline under the story image in the general page says "UA status match gives Star Alliance gold with one flight" but then the content says a minimum of 6 flights.... rehashed headline perhaps?

  • Is the proposed codeshare between Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic reciprocal (as in can you book Virgin Australia flights from LAX to MEL with a VS code? If so then would you get access as a Velocity gold?

  • I don't think this is always the case. I just travelled Cbr-wlg-Cbr and could access virgin lounge in cbr but on the return flight from WLG I and a couple of other Gold Velocity were refused entry at the International AirzNZ lounge

  • I agree MVIY. So in a similar approach it might be more prudent for QANTAS to offer bonus SC's to help you reach that next tier, to push you across the line. You need 1000 SC's to reach gold, if you earn 950 then that bonus you the 50 points then. Or something along those lines. I know some ...

  • Their marketing is a bit off. I am a lowly bronze so my email went along the lines of "earn 500 SC's and we will give you a bonus 50 SC's, which could help you move up to that next silver level". Only thing is if I earn 500 SC's I will already be silver so the bonus 50 SC's won't make a lick of d...

  • Thanks SimonD, for your (may be my interpretation) patronising answer. I think you will find that just because an airline is a partner it does not mean every and all routes are codeshared or earn points and/or status credits. For example Airberlin is a Virgin Australia partner but there is only a...

  • Does anyone know if Velocity status credits can be earned by flying Virgin Atlantic say HKG-LHR or SFO/LAX - LHR? 

  • Complete lack of communication

    Mar 10, 2017, 06:43 PM

    Is it poor customer service to not make any announcements about delayed flights?  In the Canberra VA lounge. The previous Canberra to Sydney flight was delayed (some sort of air traffic congestion around Sydney) the flight was coming from Sydney and returning. As I believe my flight (the nex...

  • VA's A330's to Hong Kong and Beijing

    Jan 15, 2017, 06:52 PM

    Was just wondering if there had been any news on VA's plans to fly to China in partnership with HNA? The original information was slated for June 2017, I would have thought if that was still the plan that they would want to be selling seats on those flights already?

  • Hi Erin, this might helpwww.ausbt.com.au/singapore-airlines-lounge-guide-for-velocity-gold-platinum