• I would not assume that. Speaking from experience, QF Plats on the QF codeshare were not entitled to 1st Lounge access @LAX. I managed to talk my way in a couple of years ago but being a Oneworld Lounge, OW rules apply ie Next onward flight operated AND marketed by a OW carrier.It's different in ...

  • Any stats on Qatar's track record for operational upgrades for status passengers or other lucky people?   Emirates is known to 'share the love' to Qantas passengers. Myself +1 included on Dubai-Barcelona on a Qantas business class award ticket!   Etihad has also shared some love as ...

  • It's a star. The North Star. Probably relevant to the Stary Alliance.

  • Ditto. Quality over quantity when it comes to airline alliances. My personal travel and some business travel on OW (as QF Platinum) is generally seamless. My work travel with VA and partners as VA Platinum is hit and miss unfortunately.

  • A330s from this Sunday. Hopefully with the new J product  some time soon! If travelling Y, I'd rather be in an A330 window/aisle pair than 3-3-3 in a 787.

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