• I agree, I have an assembled in Australia Rebelde watch from Nick from the earlier days, and he is now manufacturing watches in Australia. Definitely worth the mention and a look.

  • Agree with most comments above. I have tried traveling out of "peak" times where possible and I find that works a lot better. What does irk me is when I am onboard early, the amount of people who place their overhead luggage at the front end of the plane and then continue down to their seat often...

  • Great Points Zac - nailed it!

  • Review:

    Jun 20, 2017, 12:50 PM

    Hi Chris, Got this card a few years ago with the 100k points and while it is a good points earner I am finding it harder to use the card. Many outlets now are asking for "additional surcharge" or not wanting to take the card (AMEX) at all. 

  • I like the idea on principle especially the amount of isles in the 380 example given...would be a good safety feature if nothing else. I agree with danwarne's comments.

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