• Much as I'd like to return to cruising at 58k+ feet there is a lot about this that doesn't add up. BA's Concorde carried 100 pax, 25x2-2 (which I didn't find cramped at the time) and if Boom is to carry 40 pax in 20x1-1 you can imagine that the planes are a similar size. I don't know how much it...

  • Nothing stopping you flying with them. I'm sure they codeshare on the appropriate SQ flight to Singapore and then you pick up TK from there.

  • I believe it's any Delta flight, plus it will get you into a Delta lounge for a domestic flight unlike an Air France (SkyTeam) card. I used it when flying out of Atlanta on a domestic flight (after overnighting at ATL) and they wouldn't let me in when I tried the AF card as I hadn't come off an i...

  • Given the TSA and the USA's inability to understand transit and the length of that combined flight I wouldn't be rushing to take that option now.

  • Qantas, the airline for the east of the Great Dividing Range. They just don't learn (or maybe it's care). When they killed the ADL/SIN direct flight it was SQ that benefited. Now they've done the same thing in Perth.

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