• Don

    Jan 09, 2015, 10:27 PM

    The only thing I take are cotton buds.  Even though I usually pack them, a small pack of 2 or 3 from a hotel is perfect for after a shower in an airport lounge, because that's the one thing they don't usually provide.

  • Given that the decline was obviously going to occur, I put the majority of my portfolio in foreign currency denominated assets quite a while ago, and have also used forex futures to hedge the rest.  It beats whining about it.

  • Your 'right' to recline comes at the very real cost to the person behind you of half their space.  The person behind you can quite easily prevent you from reclining with an outstretched arm.  Ban that.  If you want to recline without payback, buy a seat at the front of the plane.Th...

  • He never had his seat go bolt upright as quickly as it did that day.  No headphones can cancel that out.Think about it:  you're pissing someone off who is behind you.  There is no way on earth that is a wise idea.

  • The last man who did, on a flight between Perth and Adelaide, really didn't expect it.  He started to pick an argument, so I told him to stop whining and suggested he move to another seat.  He did.  #AmazonAdvantages

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  • Across Australia, the Embraer E170/190:   legroom and seat width in abundance.For longer:  in economy, the A330 for its 2/4/2 seating.  In business?  It's business class.  Who cares, just pop in the noise cancelling headphones, grab a drink and relax. What I rea...

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