• The problem is that uber makes anyone they want a uber driver. Sometimes you feel you are in a taxi instead!..we don't need the changes here in Australia...it's a different market than anywhere else in the world. What pissed me off is that they say they asked uber drivers that black business has ...

  • Uber black has been taking away because our state government has failed to address on what is going to happen with the HC plates in NSW as they will be removed as from July 2020! Does uber know something more than what the drivers don't know already.? They are able to use the bus lanes during pea...

  • Don't worry..let's use the star trek enterprise composites so no one will be scared to fly...geeezzzzz!

  • And this is another reason that there will be a major announcement ..see below..

  • Don't worry boys!..It's all good news! Qantas Frequent Flyer Program has been sold to a private consortium and it will be managed still by Qantas..with changes along the way too!

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