• Rubbish Mr Joyce. Australia is covered by up to 5 different satellites at any one time for TV, internet & satellite mobile coverage & aircraft communications. Internet connection on aircraft in Australia will be a straightforward procedure. There will be dropout points for some internatio...

  • Just adding to my previous posts. Qantas still has JUNK STATUS credit rating, & this can remain with their current  credit file   for up to 10 yrs for a corporation, so although they claim to be going back to profit, at this stage it's probably only paper profits. The JUNK STATUS re...

  • I don't solely rely on my dividends. I have commercial real estate, cash holdings as well. I agree that the majority of investors alone can't survive off just dividends 

  • Takes a very keen person to want to wait for dividends! I only have blue chip stocks like Wesfarmers, CBA, Westpac etc that return regular dividends. No waiting, & notified well before the payments made.

  • Most airline stocks pay dividends. Why would you contemplate investing for no returns? 

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