• Couldn't get a reward flight in J or F for my wife out of LHR to SIN in July next year. Rang the number last night and asked nicely, they explained that they had to run it through their live inquiry system, sure enough they unlocked an F seat in the time frame required.

  • "I have always wanted to get the Ultimate Amex card but living in Townsville I can't get the free domestic fare as it only applies to capital cities so I will just stick with my bank issued Amex Platinum card"    GBRGB... I live in Darwin and although the free domestic fare doesn'...

  • I can understand the Amex scenario but to drop the earn rate on Visa Black from 0.75 to 0.5 after 7,000 is just ludicrous.  Sorry ANZ but do you really care about your customers after 25 years loyalty, oh wait, no you don't, it's all about shareholder return 

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    Jan 03, 2015, 04:32 PM

    Any chance of Qantas giving us one on the BNE-DRW route now that our beloved 767 has retired from service.

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