• 12 months ago I would have been all over this, but honestly flying for flying’s sake seems even sillier now than it did before. Think I’ll just continue the slow slide back to LTS and if I get LTG one day without trying (currently on about 11k) then will treat it as the bonus it would...

  • There is nothing more irritating (in the ff context) than getting the email from Qantas saying status credits are available for converting credit card points manually when you have an auto redeem card. It feels like a penalty for giving up choice.

  • What’s the logic for no IFE? Cleaning requirements? Seems odd to me.

  • Illogical that lounge would not be available if it is available with an economy seat. That will kill it before it starts.Well that, and the fact that it requires travelling via Doha.

  • Worst case you are getting a premium credit card for free (voucher value offsets cost of annual membership), best case you get seats on flights worth significantly more.I have had to be flexible on my classic reward flight choices to access them (fly day earlier, fly indirectly, fly with other on...

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