• while not a tip on speedy renewal I rather like the way the UK dates the validity of the passport to be 10 years since the last one expires.  Typically this will give you an 10 year plus 6 month validity.   the mean old Australian passport dates the expiry to be 10 years from the renewa...

  • SIA does itself no favours by using very small models in photographs to make its business class seat look spacious. I am 1.92 m tall and the tight space for ones feet makes for a very fitful sleep. They are definitely amongst the poorer business class seats on the market. I suppose the service...

  • Just flew on A350 regional last night. Business seats are dreadful. They are obviously sized for small people. I am 1.92 metres tall and the width was impossibly tight. As I fly into and out of Brisbane that will restrict my choices. If I can I will never fly that regional Business again. I...

  • I am 192 cm tall and the a350 seats are quite cramped as the footwell is far too small. The entire package seems to have been developed for Asian size frames. Yes row 11 seats are much better but they are generally reserved for top tier flyers and are essentially not available for the rest of us.

  • These services only exist because the general service levels at airports are so pathetically substandard

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  • ADL-BNE flights

    Sep 12, 2018, 02:54 PM

    They did it to me in July Perth to Broome. Notified me that the departure time had changed by 5 Minutes but omitted to mention we had been moved from Business class to an all economy 717.

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