2013 travel predictions: the transformation of an industry

By Marten Jagers, February 8 2013
2013 travel predictions: the transformation of an industry

In an era where technology is constantly transforming, companies are increasingly seeking solutions to provide operational efficiencies across all business functions. Accordingly, this has changed the business travel landscape as we once knew it.

Concur, a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions, has outlined three key predictions that it believes will further transform the business travel industry throughout 2013.

1. Integrated partnerships on the rise

Integrated partnerships between service providers are set to steadily increase in 2013. As more businesses seek greater control over their travel management solutions, service providers will collaborate to provide open platform solutions, moving away from an era of closed networks. 

With uncertain economic times ahead, businesses will expect their service providers to deliver integrated solutions to improve business efficiency.

As service providers deliver customised solutions to promote greater coherency and choice, businesses will no longer relinquish control to several disparate providers. Instead, they will engage providers who integrate to service a multitude of business needs seamlessly. These partnerships will allow businesses to transform into smarter organisations. 

2. Technology-driven transformations

The evolution of cloud and mobile technology will enhance the management of travel compliance and risk in 2013.  Businesses that utilise cloud technology will be able to ensure compliance is achieved in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

By providing access to real-time information, cloud solutions can offer businesses direct control over expenditure, reduce inaccuracies, all whilst aligning with company policies.

Additionally, the transparent nature of cloud and mobile solutions ensures a business’s duty of care to its employees is met. Assessing travel risks will be more efficient as employees can check-in with their employers to share their current location as well as request assistance if needed. 

3. Travel transformation – It’s time to hunker down

The role of the corporate travel manager is set to transform in 2013 as economic uncertainty permeates the business psyche. With this in mind, businesses will demand smarter, more cost-efficient approaches when it comes to business travel.

Accordingly, corporate travel managers will be responsible for re-evaluating travel policies to ensure absolute compliance of company policy throughout the booking process. They will be requested to negotiate favourably in the business’s interests as well as reinforce control over the disruption caused by travel to ongoing business operations.


Marten Jagers is Senior Director, Asia Pacific at Concur, a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions (www.concur.com)

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