37-pocket cabin baggage coat evades 7kg limit

By danwarne, May 26 2011
37-pocket cabin baggage coat evades 7kg limit

If you're frustrated by the ridiculously low weight limits airlines impose on cabin baggage, the solution may well be wearable cabin baggage.

Scottevest makes coats that can carry anything from an iPad to a laptop, and the company makes no bones about what the jackets are for: "Why pay for a carry-on when you can easily wear everything you need?" (Two US budget airlines, Allegiant Air and Spirit Airlines, are the first two airlines to have started charging for cabin baggage.)

The top of the line, yet surprisingly affordable US$200 "Expedition Jacket" packs 37 pockets and boasts compatibility with the iPad and MacBook Air 11".

"Technology is constantly evolving, and the features in our clothing need to keep pace. What started as a large, deep pocket for carrying a magazine or notepad became a pocket for carrying a Kindle," said Scott Jordan, founder and CEO of Scottevest.

"As soon as Apple announced the iPad, I knew we were already miles ahead of everyone else in terms of accommodating it. We're constantly working to be compatible with the next generation of devices."

While there's no airline rule against Very Fat Coats (after all, canny international travellers have been scamming extra baggage allowance by wearing eight layers of clothing for years) Scottevest has even been working to protect against over-zealous airline staff.

A unique "NoBulge stealth design" apparently lets gadget owners carry all of their portable electronic gear and accessories, and make it look like they’re just wearing a normal jacket or vest.

Jordan says this is also an anti-bandit feature, as it allows gadget-stuffed jackets to be worn through the most dangerous 'hoods, yet with a "streamlined look, so no one can tell they’re carrying a lot of valuable equipment."

In case you're tempted to splurge on a Scottevest, there's a 50% off international shipping promo on right now, ending this Friday, 27th May, Australian time.

It's also worth noting that not everything has to be smuggled onto the plane. Airlines often allow a camera and books/magazines separate to the cabin bag. Some airlines also allow a laptop to be carried separately.

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