Airbus debuts new Airbus A330, A350 private jet cabin

By Chris C., May 29 2018
Airbus debuts new Airbus A330, A350 private jet cabin

For those times when merely flying first class won’t do, Airbus Corporate Jets can now outfit your own private Airbus A330-800, A330-900 or Airbus A350 with its new Harmony cabin, designed specifically for ultra-long flights.

Passengers boarding the aircraft are greeted by an entry lobby with a holographic globe, which updates itself throughout the flight to show the aircraft’s position.

Turn left and you’ll find the master bedroom, office and bathroom – or turn right to emerge in the onboard lounge which curves seats towards each other in a move Airbus says is to “encourage social interaction”...

... with space for more formal sky-high business meetings further along:

Wondering where the cabin ceiling gets its design inspiration? It’s styled to represent ripples on a pond, in the lounge area and at the aircraft entrance, complemented by a bubble pattern at the inflight bar – or coffee nook, as desired:

Beyond the lounge are four VIP guest suites: each with an office space that converts into a private bedroom, plus an en-suite bathroom and shower for each guest, with seating for staff tucked down the back of the plane, in the space normally occupied by economy travellers on commercial flights.

Airbus boasts that its A330neo and A350 private jets now offer clients “nonstop to the world range” – because although this isn’t yet possible when flying commercially, private jets generally carry much less weight in the cabin and down in the hold, burning less fuel and allowing the plane to fly further.

“Long-haul flights provide time for productive work and socialising, as well as rest, and ACJ’s Harmony cabin concept is wonderfully well designed to enable all of these, while bringing the world within a single flight,” confirms Airbus Corporate Jets President Benoit Defforge.

Over 190 Airbus corporate jets are currently in service – but it’s safe to say that they won’t all look like this!

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Only one holographic globe? Talk about slummin' it!

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I guess if you're important enough, you don't need seatbelts?

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