Airport staff to become holographic

By danwarne, September 12 2011
Airport staff to become holographic

Airport staff may soon find themselves competing for jobs with holographic projections, as Paris-Orly airport introduces virtual staff, along with automatic boarding pass readers.

Aéroports de Paris customer service agents lent their silhouettes and voices to greet passengers and let them know that their flight is about to board.

"These holograms are enhancing passenger service at Paris-Orly which has 100 staff already specialising in informing travelers," the airport says.

"To improve our clients' satisfaction, we have decided to turn Hall 4 of Terminal Ouest into an experimental space for new technologies. These holograms are the first experiment; they reflect our commitment to provide passengers with real-time information while creating surprise and interest," says Charles Telitsine, Terminal West Manager.

Three Aéroports de Paris customer service agents were filmed for the project. The holograms are projected onto human-shaped silhouettes made of plexiglass when the boarding process starts.

Other innovations the airport is trialling include "N°1 access" which allows direct access to a plane through an automatic gate equipped with an optical reader capable of scanning boarding passes.

The life-sized holograms and readers appear at boarding gate 40 in hall 4 of Terminal West at Paris-Orly airport.

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