Bombardier's Global 7500 business jet ready for take-off

By Brandon Loo, December 20 2018

Bombardier’s Global 7500 will soars into the arms of its first customer this week as the Canadian company launches its largest and longest-range business jet.

Only a handful of jets is expected to be delivered in early 2019, although that number will steadily increase to 35-40 a year by 2020, according to Bombardier Business Aircraft president David Coleal. The waiting list for this eagerly-anticipated private jet stretches to 2021, with pricing from US$73 million (just under A$100 million).

Pushing the limits

With a range of 7,700 nautical miles, the Bombardier Global 7500 can fly for 12 hours without refuelling, to achieve non-stop routes such Hong Kong to New York and Singapore to San Francisco.

An Australian owner of the Global 7500 could reach practically anywhere in Asia, South America or the western side of the United States with ease.

An approximation of the destinations reachable from Sydney on the Bombardier Global 7500 without stopping

Bombardier will use the Global 7500 to launch next-generation seats which are aptly named Nuage – French for ‘cloud’.

Claimed to be the first major change in business aircraft seats in 30 years, the Nuage's recline-and-tilt movement tilts the seat back to create a deep recline which keeps the body fully cradled and supported.

At the same time, the headrest can be angled forward to provide extra support – especially if you want to read, chat with your fellow passengers or catch a movie on your private cinema above the clouds. 

Bombardier has designed the Global 7500's interior around four distinct living spaces that can be customised to the owner’s liking.

Default floor plan for the Bombardier Global 7500

From the front, these are a 'club suite' for four passengers with two concealed side-tables...

... a 'conference suite' which doubles as a dining suite for up to six passengers...

... an 'entertainment suite' featuring a three-seat divan and large wall-mounted HD TV screen; and a 'private suite' for the owners, which includes an en suite bathroom.

The crew are also well-looked after, with their own private suite as well.

Other features include two lavatories with an optional shower and easy access to the cargo area to retrieve luggage, even mid-flight.

(Potential owners can customise the interior of a Global 7500 online, down to the colour of the metallic accents around the tables.)

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