Your complete guide to Cathay Pacific inflight WiFi

Cathay Pacific's inflight WiFi keeps you connected above the clouds: here's what the business traveller needs to know.

By David Flynn, September 3 2019

Cathay Pacific is steadily adding inflight WiFi to its international Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 jets, along with the factory-fresh Airbus A350s. So while it's wonderful to be able to 'switch off' during a flight, business travellers will appreciate the ability to go online and tackle last-minute work such as proposals and presentations.

All of Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 jets feature satellite Internet.

Do Cathay Pacific flights have WiFi?

Yes, although at the time of writing it depends which Cathay Pacific aircraft you're flying on.

You'll find WiFi on board all Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 jets and over half of the Boeing 777-300ER fleet, the airline expects to begin adding WiFi to its Airbus A330s from late 2019, with the aim of all international jets sporting inflight Internet by the end of 2021.

Cathay Pacific's regional business class Airbus A330 jets will also be getting WiFi.

Do Cathay Pacific's Boeing 777 aircraft have WiFi?

Yes, although not all of the Boeing 777s have been fitted with WiFi. At the time of writing (August 2019) some 29 of Cathay Pacific's 51 Boeing 777-300ER jets have been upgraded with the fast satellite WiFi service, although that number is steadily growing.

How much does Cathay Pacific WiFi cost?

Cathay Pacific's WiFi pricing has three tiers, based on how long you are connected:

  • US$10 for one hour
  • US$13 for up to six hours
  • US$20 for over six hours, through to the entire flight

The six-hour and entire-flight (or 'flight pass') plans offer the best value. You can switch between devices – for example, signing up on your laptop, but later in the flight using your smartphone – although you have to log out from one device before logging in with another.

You can switch between smartphones, tablets and laptops, but only one device can be used at a time.

Is there free WIFI on Cathay Pacific?

From time to time you may see some special promotions on the Cathay Pacific WiFi sign-up screen which offer one free hour of Internet access.

These usually involve issuing an electronic voucher for that flight, although there's typically a limited number of vouchers, so they get snapped up fairly quickly.

Watch for special partner promotions which offer a voucher for free Cathay Pacific WiFi.

So if you see a free WiFi offer on your flight, claim it right away – you don’t have to redeem the voucher and actually connect until later on.

How fast is Cathay Pacific WiFi?

The speed of your Cathay Pacific WiFi connection depends on which aircraft you're flying on, because some aircraft use different satellite technology.

The Airbus A350s generally offer WiFi speeds of around 3Mb; the Boeing 777s use an ever faster satellite system which reportedly delivers at least 10Mbps.

Do I need the Cathay Pacific app to use Cathay Pacific WiFi?

No, you don’t need to have the Cathay Pacific app to use Cathay Pacific WiFi. You can connect directly to the Cathay Pacific inflight WiFi network from any device – a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a smartwatch – in exactly the same way that you’d connect to a WiFi hotspot at work, home, a hotel or your local cafe.

If you’re using a smartphone or other 3G or 4G device (such as a tablet with its own SIM card), switch on Flight Mode and then re-activate WiFi. Browse for local WiFi networks, select the Cathay Pacific network and choose your sign-up plan. 


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This article does not mention if the service is free for business class customers. However from past experience I think that it isnt. Is that the case?....... I think that it should be free in J




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Cathay WiFi is the worst I have experienced. Dropouts and slow speeds are common. Cathay uses Panasonic which is much worse than airlines using gogo inflight.

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