What's your weirdest in-flight experience?

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From boozed up hippies nodding off on your shoulder to being served an unidentifiable grey gelatinous breakfast originating from Kerachi airport catering, most of us have had a weird experience when travelling.

Mine was landing into Sydney on a United Airlines rattle-trap 747 -- you know the ones; no seat-back inflight entertainment, only the blurry projector screen at the front of each section, worn out seats and 'over-it' flight attendants who say "uh-huh" to everything. As we hit the tarmac, there was a thundering sound of crashing, crunching, smashing and bashing. No, we hadn't crash-landed -- the flight crew had forgotten to secure the galley cupboard sbefore landing and everyone's crockery, glasses and cutlery were flying through the aisles.

So what's your weirdest inflight experience?


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This happens to me on almost every Qantas long-haul flight I get on. I often travel on my own and there isn't to much privacy with their 'Skybed' seats. So I frequently get the life story of a random stranger, who talks about their life (work and family etc.), who then expects me to reciprocate with detailed information about my family situation and what I hope to achieve in future. I don't know what makes me look like I care, or what inspires me to be diplomatic and just nod and smile, or even what encourages me to contribute anything to the discussion. I don't know how I do it, I really don't.

Some of them even try and talk over the earphones attached to my ear. I even had one who told me to tell her that she didn't look old enough to be my mother! Now that was a weird experience.


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Mine is probably on a China Airlines flight TPE-SFO a few years back where one of the economy passengers requested her meal while half the plane was still boarding. She got a firm negative response from the FA.

Not too drastic!


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A similar experience on a United 747 out of Sydney to L.A. The inflight 'entertainment' wasnt working along with the overhead lights, the booze cart for Economy was left behind in Sydney and three of the toilets were out of order. Fun fun fun!

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