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  • Yes, you will be eligible to use the Business lounge before departure. 

  • It's not horrendously bad -- only a small increase (2000 extra points on SYD-MEL for example). Flex ticket upgrade costs remain the same though so it's pretty clear where their loyalties lie!

  • Hi Benjo - I would probably just call up each airline and ask what the requirements would be. I think you'll probably find that a copy of the confirmation of name change (re-issued birth certificate, or other document that they use in Aus.) would suffice as proof. I know for change of surname wit...

  • On the one hand, yes, it may seem a little self-interested to recline your seat back during meals and during short flights. On the other hand, some airlines may advertise this as a core characterstic of their product. As an example, Qantas describe their economy class seat as having "adjustable h...

  • Best lounge you've experienced?

    Jun 09, 2013, 08:37 AM

    Or Porsche Panamera or Cayenne... Though if you're super unlucky, you'll be driven out by a Mercedes van. Or if you're unluckier, LH will forget to collect you from your flight to take you to the FCT to wait for your connecting flight. 

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