Best lounge you've experienced?

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Best lounge you've experienced

Qantas First in Sydney? British Airways Concorde Room in London? Private Room in Singapore? Emirates First in Dubai? Qatar Premium Terminal in Doha? Chairman's Lounge?

There are many seasoned high flyers on this page and I would love to hear your thoughts.


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You forgot the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. Nothing beats driving out onto the tarmac in your own Mercedes.


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Or Porsche Panamera or Cayenne... Though if you're super unlucky, you'll be driven out by a Mercedes van. Or if you're unluckier, LH will forget to collect you from your flight to take you to the FCT to wait for your connecting flight. 


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Also would be keen to find out whether there's any difference between the Qantas First lounge in Sydney and Melbourne.... only been through Sydney...and will be going through Melbourne in July...


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There is hardly any difference, other than the size. Sydney is much bigger, however, service levels are equally good and the food and beverage offering is the same. I do like the smaller MEL lounge, although the views from the Syd lounge are better in my opinion (Sydney CBD skyline in the backgroud).


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I fly Business class because my company does not let me fly First so here are some highlights...I have also flown First because I have upgraded using miles. Here are my favourites (in no particular order)

- Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse (LHR)
- Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge (SIN) - First Class 'Private Room'
- Qantas Chairmans Lounge (SYD) - My Boss is a member so I was allowed in with him
- Virgin America Loft (LAX) - Its the Best for a USA Carrier, but average on the grand scheme of things
- Air New Zealand Koru Lounge (AKL International) - I know its NZ, but with the Premium Check in Lounge and the Private Security Channel and Good Lounge, its worth a visit
- Emirates First Class Lounge (DXB) - There is just something about this one, the bright atmosphere...and the wine cellar :)

The Concorde room as you mentioed above is not all the hype...I much prefer the VS Clubhouse!


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CX's The Wing F Lounge not on any lists yet.  Surprising.


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Visited the renovated Wing First class lounge today and have to agree, very shwish. Love the service given by Peninsula staff. Food also very nice, cooked to order dishes outstanding. It is definitely up there with QF First and LH FCT.


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Many of them have been mentioned before, but my top 5 would be:

1. LH FCT in FRA (wins due the the relatie novelty of being a terminal on its own and car transfers. Food and beverages as well as service - all outsorced to Do&Co - are very good)

2. QF First Class lounges in SYD and MEL (Food is slightly better in my opinion compared to LH FCT -  would almost give QF a tie with LH)

3. CX Wing First class lounge (very nice after renovations, cabana's are similar to the LH FCT ones, food and beverages are top notch and service impeccable - Peninsula hotel is responsible for running the lounge)

4. EK First class (solid lounge, huge space, decent food offerings and service. To me nothing too special, but it does have all the belss and whistles)

5. TG First class lounge BKK (nothing special, however, Thai hospitality, golf cart pick up and drop off at the gate, excellent massage when flying First and solid food and beverages make it a good proposition)

6. BA Concorde Room (similar to CX offering, however, service is not as good and quality of food is less as well. Bathrooms are horrible for a flagship lounge. Do like the terrace overlooking the terminal)

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