• Its mind boggling when plenty of airlines can do food selection before flight, that QF can't achieve this. Especially when flying business class, being told your food selection isn't available is just not good enough at the prices being paid.

  • Business Class Catering really needs a review.  It is definitely an area that can make or break a good trip.

  • With the current fleet size, probably be hard pushed to join any alliance...  Would be great if maybe they get sponsored to become a OneWorld Connect member to start off with before they build their fleet size.

  • Under the current arrangement the answer in No. having a look through the updated QF website, it looks like it's No too. Lots of X's  https://www.qantas.com/tw/en/qantas-experience/network-and-partner-airlines/china-airlines.html

  • Disappointing that they did not update their reciprocal Status recognition.  As a Platinum flying in Economy on a QF flight number on CI (paying a premium price), you get no status recognition/lounge access or any other benefits other than Points/status credits... Not even seat selection =0/

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  • Best in Bangkok

    Sep 12, 2023, 04:46 PM

    I second the Marriott Surawongse. The pool and breakfast alone are amongst the best, with modern rooms and friendly staff. If you happen to get the bigger suite rooms, it almost feels like you're own spacious apartment.

  • Overbooked Qantas flight

    Jul 31, 2023, 01:43 PM

    Maybe next time start your conversation with "Hi, your Call is being recorded for my quality assurance..."... maybe they will be more careful with what they say? lol

  • A few years ago you were able to request they refund the Qantas Club membership after you received lifetime Gold. I'm not sure if this is the case anymore. An email to their customer care could probably assist.

  • Probably got to do with whats available to report on at the time. QF having gone through quite some bad PR is pumping out a lot of "good news" stories. Naturally, it will get picked up and reported on. The same with Virgin /Rex/ Bonza and any other carrier operating around Aus, if they had mor...

  • Crew who are paid differently and on different awards/contracts. Qantas likes to think if you won't do it, someone else will happily do it... and for cheaper also. It's like landing your "dream" job with a company, but then said company sets outs conditions, and you think to just suck it up ju...

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