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Pre-pandemic, QF used the Plaza Premium Lounge for its J Class and higher tier status passengers at Jakarta (CGK). Flying from Jakarta last week, we were told the lounge has not yet reopened and instead we were given a $30 voucher to use at any of 6 outlets in the terminal. Unfortunately, 5 of these outlets have not reopened and the one that was open had sold out of just about everything.

The truly weird thing is, the CGK Plaza Premium Lounge is open so the mystery is why aren't QF offering it? Does anybody have any insight into this? Like all things QF, I assume it is a matter of price but, given 2 hours in the PPL can be bought for about $42 by anybody via their website, I assume whatever discount rate QF gets is not much more than the $30 voucher anyway.


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I didn't know Qantas has resumed its flights to/from Jakarta? If so, great news for me!

CGK Plaza Premium, afaik, has always been open even during 2021 when I flew out of Jakarta several times with SQ. Probably Qantas has not resumed its agreement with Plaza Premium? I checked Qantas website just a week or two ago and the CGK-SYD route was planned to resume 'end of 2022', but now it says ' now flying' already. So must be pretty recently resumed.

Anyway, good news that this route is back on!

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