I'm exploring 2 options for a trip to Europe in October: 1.

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I'm exploring 2 options for a trip to Europe in October:

1. Qantas PE to Dubai then Emirate eco to Frankfurt then back from Warsaw to Dubai, Qantas PE back to Sydney.

2. PE Syd-FRA via Hong Kong and back on Cathay.

Option 1 gives 11 hr night time layover in Dubai on way back, option 2 gives 12 hr daytime layover in Hong Kong. Having done neither route before can anyone comment on the Dubai Connect package with Qantas or what to do in HK for the day? I'm QF Platinum so lounge access not an issue.


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Whilst I have never done the layover on a QF ticket, I have done the Dubai layover on EK. It is very styraightforward, you arrive, clear immigration, collect your baggage and go to the EK desk outside of customs. When I flew I was in F so went to the limo transfer desk, but I think they have a special stand for prem eco and eco passengers requiring the layover. There will be a van to transport you to the hotel and they will also pick you up. You will probably be put up in the Millenium Hotel (which is standard for Y passengers) or if you are lucky the Le Meridien or Rotana Al Bustan (both hotels next to the airport, normally used for F or C passengers)). You will get up to three emals depending on how long you are in the hotel for. At the Le meridien the quality of food was very good, the rooms were mediocre, you do not get free internet included in the stay. EK actually had a seperate entrance and check in for their customers where they processed the stay.

I would personally ot for CX in Prem eco all the way (esp since you would have a night layover in Dubai so you will probably not be able to do sightseeing). If you have never been to HKG it is great to wander around for a day. Airport Express train gets you there very fast and is not expensive. Get off at Kowloon side 9near the W hotel) and walk around. Go to the Peninsula, have a drink or high tea, take the Star ferry accross the water and wonder the streets. Lan Kwai Fong is where there are a lot of bars so if you do not feel like walking around stay there. Otherwise take a bus to Aberdeen (fishing village on HKG Island) or even better, take a trip to Stanley beach. If you take the double decker bus (non- express) and sit in front on top you'll have a great ride going over the mountains as opposed to the express bus cutting through the mountain. If the day is clear you can go up to the peak. You can catch the airport express train back from HKG Island to the airport. Refurbished Wing First lounge also very nice, although the EK F offering is pretty decent as well.


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Hello Robert, just a comment for your consideration....

If you wanted fast connection, i looked up the CX website and this schedule would leave you with fast transit time...

CX288 FRA 
06:50 +1
0 22:05 77W
  CX139 HKG 
08:50 +1
21:00 +1
0   333

Alternatively, if you do particuarly wish to stay in Hong Kong for a few hours (like i did:)) i recommend the airport express train as KG mentioned above, and head into the city station which ends up under the finance centre, with large 5-star shopping precinct and loads to do.

....and these links are helpful




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Thanks for these suggestions. 

I realise there is a faster connection through HK but for some reason my work's travel provider quotes this as $1400 more for PE than the one with a 12 hr layover! The Cathay PE trip comes in significantly cheaper ~$700 than Qantas PE/EK Eco trip. Main advantage of the Dubai route is chance of using points to upgrade to Business on Syd-Dubai legs though from what I am hearing load factors on QF1 are pretty high in Business. I think I come out ahead on Status Credits for the PE through Hong Kong though (don't get FFs for work trips unfortunately).

Suggestions for HK sound tempting, only other thing putting me off is mixed reviews of Cathay's PE. Have to book tomorrow either way.


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I'd go for the CX option. If you can get a bulkhead seat then the CX product is roughly on par with what Qantas offers (the legrest being the clincher), and you'll have it all the way to Europe (being stuck in the back of an EK 777 is not an entirely pleasant experience).

Hong Kong is also a far nicer place to spend half a day in transit. Dubai is decent, but the lounges at Hong Kong are far superior.

Plus you get more SCs and the boss is happier...

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