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  • Positives could include:- Being more attractive to US-based travellers who might have multiple FF loyalties and chose to fly United/Delta over Qantas.- Being able to utilise AA's lower cost base to increase margins and improve profitability.

  • Technicality, but the $300 threshold is per retailer rather than being per invoice. So you could submit 100x $3 invoices (all at the same retailer) or submit 1x $300 invoice for the same end result (though it would take them a LONG time to sort through and verify that number of invoices). On...

  • Not quite sure what you're talking about.GST is a transaction between the purchaser and the government. The business is simply the facilitator to that transaction. They have no claim to any monies involved in that purchaser-government transaction (it's not their money). Business can only 'cl...

  • The Qantas Club is the Qantas Club, not the British Airways Club or the Cathay Pacific Club.Just because they share lounges with the Frequent Flyer programme doesn't mean that they are the same thing. 

  • Which is exactly why Qantas won't unbundle their fares. The necessary drop in fares would never be met by the revenue that charging for bags would create, because so many people will carry their luggage on regardless of the fare/baggage situation. 

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