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Hi all,

I am in my early 20’s and currently backpacking around the world so starting to rack up some miles. As I’m young and pretty inexperienced with airline FF programs, wondering if I could get some advice on how to consolidate different points and airlines.

For a bit a context, here’s my situation. Domestically in Aus I aim always for VA and rarely use QF, so hence have got a fair few miles with VA and not many with QF. Internationally, I have got a fair few with QR and a few on SQ and always try to chuck either one of them on the booking depending on the airlines alliances. I also have miles scattered around with MH, VN. My question is should I focus more on SQ or QR or try to work them both up ? Additionally should I try and get QF, MH transferred to QR ? VA to SQ or vice versa.

Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.


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I would go with Qatar Privilege Club Frequent Flyer program. First because you can double dip on OneWorld alliance and use that to your advantage when travelling VA domestically or if ever having to use QF. Unless your racking up a lot of travel where you can get status on 2 seperate programs, no point trying to spread yourself thin. Once you get status you also need to maintain it. Status = potential lounge access, better availability when pre booking seat etc, priority check in, boarding as well as potential upgrades. The 2nd reason I'd recommend Qatar is in your best interests based on your age, going to assume you may be a student, or plan to study after tavelling. Join their student program - gives you access to special fares, companion buddy discounts, additional baggage, free wifi, date change flexibility and on graduation complimentary privilege club tier upgrade.


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Thanks mate was leaning that way. Yeah am a student and already part of the QR student program which is fantastic. Cheers.


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Second Dan22. Qatar airways is definitely one of the top airlines currently.

But worthy of consideration is also British Airways. As a member of OneWorld alliance, I find that it does not really penalize you when you fly other airlines in the alliance, in the sense that you still accrue reasonable, if not the same, status creditx and points (unlike a few other airlines who penalize your status credits when you fly with other airlines!). So this gives you a bit more freedom in choosing other airlines within the alliance to maintain/reach your status. British Airways also has a reasonable number of Status Credit-equivalent that you have to reach to hit lifetime Platinum (Oneworld Emerald).

Joining an FF alliance of a Oneworld-member airline may give you a slight advantage in that Qantas is part of it too, so you may potentially still earn some points on domestic flights within Australia.

Outside of Oneworld, Singapore Airlines has the best service, definitely. But Singapore Airlines' FF Kris Flyer is rather unforgiving (I find my points expire quite quickly). And as part of Star Alliance, there is no concept of Platinum-level privileges, so you are stuck at Gold-level privileges. Within each airline itself, they may have more tiers (Singpore Airlines has PPS and all, but reaching that level is rather difficult unless you always fly business/first class), but when it comes to Star Alliance overall, Gold is the max.

Skyteam is another alliance that is worth considering, given that Virgin Atlantic *may* join Skyteam eventually this year. Their member airlines do fly to many destinations, and they have a lot of airlines in their membership. KLM and Air France, Delta, are probably some of the airlines that will fly you to many places with reasonable service level. I also find KLM does have rather reasonable business class fares, in comparison to other airlines.

Just further thoughts for you to consider. You are so young, reaching lifetime status with any alliance is a real real possibilities! Excting!


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My first taste of frequent flyer programmes was in the 1980s, QFF number starts with a 0 and I achieved QF Lifetime Gold before I was 50. Your post almost feels like I'm write to my younger self!

My first advice is fly what suits you best. Becoming a slave to a programme has its benefits, but it costs as well. Chasing points can be pointless. Airlines have a great track record of ceasing routes or going bust.

When I was back-packing, the points were worthwhile as the flights were genuinely free. Surcharges have removed that benefit, so be clear on what benefit you value.

I have been with QF as it meets my travel needs- I live in regional Australia, I often fly domestic or to NZ. I often need to fly JQ and QF has lounges in smaller ports. My membership choice may have looked different if I'd lived in a capital city and flew international.

Only you will know how you travel and you've clearly looked at options. It makes sense to align your membership to an airline that can meet the majority of your travel needs.

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