• Highly doubt the trial of China Eastern airlines service to Perth will continue then! Bad timing with the outbreak and shortage of aircraft.

  • Agreed I wouldn't bother with this looks like a waste of time even with free entry - rather go straight to hotel and drop bags off and get a decent breakfast out. If shower is a necessity the better hotels have a gym with facilities to freshen up.

  • Shouldn't need to hold multiple credit cards with the same bank regardless of how much one spends a month to get these ultimate benefits. Fact is they decreased the benefits when they removed the AMEX and subsequently 0% intl transaction fees, only to not reinstate them with their new CC.

  • Dissapointed by CBA that they exclude loyal customers who hold mortgages with them to exclude this new credit card from their wealth package benefits. Currently only up to Diamond Awards is included as a benefit which used to have the AMEX cc bundle with no intl fees included.

  • Yeah until Russia gets involved and backs Iran!

  • Was there couple weeks back transiting - was very busy and lines for immigration at terminal 1 looked like an hour's wait at least. I remember thinking how unusually unorganised for Singapore the lines looked.

  • Food was the worst I ever had on any business flight last week with CX. They ran out of the better options unfortunately ...tasted and looked awful.... but stock up on decent dim sum and noodles if you can from a CX lounge beforehand.

  • Would travel insurance cover cancelling and cost of rebooking a new ticket stopping over other then China? since it's now a reconsider your need to travel to China.

  • Originally Posted by Joe Skytrax reviews primarily; also Tripadvisor. Any news if CX are planning to use the A350 for all 4 daily flights out of Sydney? Last edited by Joe at Jan 21, 12.03 PM. Last editedby Joe at Jan 21, 2020, 12:04 PM. I wouldn't totally rely on TripAdvisor for reviews - even t...

  • Qantas contact centre hold times

    Jan 22, 2020, 01:53 AM

    Not a baggage issue but still a website error I incurred which I previously posted about on this community forum. Error coming up when trying to link my Jetstar flights with a Qantas digital lounge pass for Singapore. Countless hours and on hold over 3 months of trying only to be told "sorry sir ...