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Can any of you share your personal hotel recommendations for 1-2 nights around Haneda, nagasaki and hiroshima, ideally more japanese and less western if possible. Thanks.



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I’ve stayed at the Villa Fontaine, it’s connected to the airport. Decent hotel for a night or two and there is a small shopping centre and restaurants outside the hotel. There is a review somewhere on this site.


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I recently stayed at the Mercure Haneda Airport. It only opened late last year, but I found it to be great. Not attached to the airport, you need to catch the Keikyu line. The rooms are large for the Tokyo standards, staff were very friendly, gave us maps and hints on how to get to places by train (200m from the hotel).

They serve western and Japanese breakfast. You can choose.

I stayed there because I had a 2 day layover in Tokyo, with a very early arrival and even earlier departure. Reaching the airport is very easy. And when I arrived there at 7am to drop my bags and maybe ask aboutan early check-in later that morning, staff already had the room ready (they saw my flight details in the booking).

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Villa Fontaine hands down, connected to airport, metro, shopping and dining and best of all the almost 24/7 onsen



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For one night in Haneda you cannot go past Haneda Airport Hotel - lobby in front of departure gates. You do not have Kyoto in your list where I know excellent hotel - Elcient that is located 200m from train station. Rooms nothing to write about, but they have phenomenal Japanese sauna there.

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