• Escaping those status handcuffs

    Jul 09, 2018, 09:56 AM

    Most of my travel is to Asia and the UK. I normally travel in J to and from Asia and easily get Platinum with Qantas. I stick with them mainly to hit LTG (about a year away) and because most destinations are direct flights. For flights within Asia I travel with the most convenient airline at the ...

  • Most of my travel is in Asia, and with a young family it’s hard to tack on extra days, so normally I just look around for night events, or great bars and restaurants. I also travel to the UK often which goes over weekend and lately I’ve been flying out to Europe Friday night and spe...

  • Qantas double Status Credits promo

    May 05, 2016, 11:31 AM

    Yes, i booked return business to the UK and return PE to Tokyo. These trips were already planned but the offer gave me the push to finalise some details and book. Will definetly maintain Platinum now, with a good shot at P1 with almost of full year of travel before requalification..

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  • QF23 to Bangkok

    Aug 08, 2019, 01:48 PM

    HiI flew this last week, cabin crew didn't hand out the express cards so I asked and they said you can still go through the express path just show your boarding pass. I didn't have a printed one so took a screenshot of my electronic one and that did the trick. Just showed them that and straight t...

  • Ok thanks for your feedback, I might wait a couple of weeks and see if any offers come out.

  • Hi all, I'm going to Germany and UK in October in business, I can see a 4 leg multicity saver fare for under $9k. Just wondering, if I wait through Feb and see if Qantas do another DSC promotion. I have read before they put prices up during those promotions but does anyone have some real experien...

  • Recent QF9 and QF2 Experience

    Nov 27, 2018, 03:50 PM

    I recently did the QF9/10 after years of doing QF1, chose purely for the better business seat and the interest in trying the new route. I got a later flight out of Sydney so only had a 1 hour transit, which in Perth was easy. There was literally no one else transiting through from domestic to int...

  • I got this also, found the KMs travelled bar interesting, and how it gave me my position in terms of KMs travelled vs other platinum flyers.

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