Do Qantas put their prices up during DSC promotions?

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Hi all,

I'm going to Germany and UK in October in business, I can see a 4 leg multicity saver fare for under $9k. Just wondering, if I wait through Feb and see if Qantas do another DSC promotion. I have read before they put prices up during those promotions but does anyone have some real experience rather than hearsay?

Thanks in advance


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They definitely don’t have the ultra cheap sale prices but rather ‘normal’ sale price. Usually book premium cabins during this sale do haven’t noticed much but business to Hong Kong on sale would be around 2900 and during DSC is around 3400.


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In my experience I haven't noticed an increase in non sale fare prices, it's more that there are limited (never for the places I need to book) sales on during the period.


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Domestically speaking, the difference is quite high that it's probably not worth it.

Internationally, over the last 2 DSC I booked PE MEL-SIN for about 1.5K return, also the same price for MEL-HKG which I thought was decent for about 300 SCs. I do remember both times SIN and HKG were on sale, so can't comment on UK, but I personally find UK prices are not as competitive if you compare to other carriers.

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Ok thanks for your feedback, I might wait a couple of weeks and see if any offers come out.


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We have booked excellent fares during double status promotions to UK, Vancouver in the past. We are hoping for another double status credit promotion in February too.


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I have heard some people claim that QANTAS increases prices during the Double Status promotion. However, I often book business class international fares during these periods and find that I can get the same 'sale' price as before the promotion. Fingers crossed for next time 'round.

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Was excited on release of companion fares ahead of the status point hunt but came with an Increase in their fare today on Premium to the UK - what I could have picked up for @ 2063 on Sunday are now 2343 with removal (or fabulous sale of) of the sale fare over multiple days (granted - they always say “limited numbers” ....) but return prices have remained close to same. So - @ $200 more each for the companion fare deal today vs Sunday. Let just say - No Deal.

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