• I've found sometimes when going to the kiosk to print my boarding pass, when I click change flight, it gives me the option to move to an earlier flight if available. It wasn't suggested by the machine, but I'd initiated it. I've done a couple of times, mostly successfully which has been great.

  • Brandon, for a second, I really thought you would be very biased towards VA, but I have to say this article summarises a very honest and precise review. I definitely appreciate it. Very detailed, but still summarised the points that mattered. Thanks.

  • How is this going to delay the already chaotic boarding process? Any comments on that?

  • so where will QF/JQ go then?

  • Correct, even with the extra charges, the taxes in QF J class are still higher than VA's J. I guess with that in mind, makes them able to do this and still remain competitive.But unfortunately, a few bad news this week for VAs members.

  • QF98 Upgrade chances

    Jun 17, 2019, 03:17 PM

    Your chances are that not many Plats are in front of the queue.I travelled through QF98 and was successful for x2 J upgrades back in February. We purposefully avoided the MEL flight in order to increase our chances.

  • Will need to wait to check when's the next DSC promo, but if you fly Y I would suggest to fly indirect. For example, SYD-BNE/MEL-SIN or HKG, then SIN or HKG-MAA. (unsure whether there would be a connection from SIN-MAA on Oneworld, hence also suggesting HKG).Just be mindful that normally DSC appl...

  • About time, I had OEB last September and that IFE was horrendous. The retirement of this aircraft was well overdue. In saying that, take off in that old F cabin was special

  • Domestically speaking, the difference is quite high that it's probably not worth it.Internationally, over the last 2 DSC I booked PE MEL-SIN for about 1.5K return, also the same price for MEL-HKG which I thought was decent for about 300 SCs. I do remember both times SIN and HKG were on sale, so c...

  • Flown QF HNL-SYD-MEL, didn't find it to be as rushed or hectic. We landed about 5pm and caught the 7 30pm flight, we even had some lounge time. By the time we were home (post 10pm) we were ready to sleep which really helped us with jetlag! Didn't fly MEL-SYD-HNL but the arrival time seemed atroci...