• IMHO biggest waste of points to book cattle class using them. And "short haul" of 8 hours will became nightmare (no pun intended) in overnight flight. But as they said horses for courses.

  • I flew on this un-upgraded plane from SIN to SYD in First few months back and have talk to FA why it is still in old configuration and what QF planning to do with it. FA said that according to internal rumor QF fetch this A380 from storage because rapid increase in seat requirement and absent of ...

  • Nice advice to jump to First seat on Business ticket, but for vast majority of us it is no more than mockery.

  • "And Jetstar" - nuff said.

  • I am not interested in economy classic reward where I have to pay 50% or even more in cash comparing to commercial tickets. And in return one restricted with almost everything. Generally I am not interested in economy fly to USA (Europe, South America and even Asia) at all - I rather go to Red Ce...

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  • QF Classic Reward Name Change

    Aug 25, 2023, 10:16 AM

    I do not think so. And above all what relationship do you have with work partner? QF not really happy when you buy reward ticket for anyone and may deny boarding. If it would be your relative then you could call QF and politely ask to change name or do return and re-buy it on other name. It would...

  • An update. Been in SIN last week. Qatar lounge was open in the morning and I was let in with my sister. Person on reception tell me that guest must fly on QF flight (perhaps he meant that on the same flight as me), but let us in without even checking ticket of my sister.

  • Was on board of this aircraft last week, talked to FA and been told that Qantas get those 380 in old configuration (yep, 2-2-2 in business!!!) out of storage because of shortage of aircrafts. Reason been QF retire all 747 fleet when Covid19 emerges and it was much earlier then they planed to, so ...

  • Update.Last week I was in SIN. Qatar lounge was open in the morning and on my question what time it is opening I was told that 7:45am to 10:45am and at evening from 5:00pm or so. However when I was back later the same day there was notice on the door that lounge only operates at evenings. Go figure.

  • In Town Check In

    Jul 28, 2023, 12:59 PM

    Last week was at HKG. Kowloon still out of action, but HKG central back and fully functional as least for CX.

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