QF6 SIN TO SYD New 747 Layout with fully flat beds?

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QF6 SIN TO SYD New 747 Layout with fully flat beds?

Hi all just wondering if anyone knows specifically if QF 6 on 20 July has Skybed MK2? I am travelling on that flight in J on that day.



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I've flown on QF5/6 a couple of times in the last couple of months and they have always been the original Skybed.


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This route isn't being publicised by Qantas as a refurbished 747 route, in saying that you may find an updated plane on your route. Chances are though that it will be an original-layout 747
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SHunt27 said in a post on 8/5/13 that, "The LAX-JFK flight will be refurbished as there is no row 15 on the unrefurbished 747s"

A review of the expertflyer seat maps on 22 June 2013 appears to confirm that:

SYD/DFW QF7: Row 15 available (Upper Deck)

SYD/LAX/JFK QF107: Row 15 available (Upper Deck)

SYD/JNB QF63: Row 15 NOT available

SYD/NRT QF21: Row 15 NOT available

SYD/SIN QF15: Row 15 NOT available

Since we know that LAX, JFK & DFW sectors are operated by the refurbished 747, we can have reasonable assurance that the existence of Row 15 is indicative of Skybed MK2 in the Business class cabin.

The only anomaly in this analysis is the cabin configuration for SYD/SCL QF27 on 24 June 2013 (QF27 does not operate on 22 June 2013). While we know SCL is one of the flights using the refurbished 747, there does not appear to be row 15 for that flight on 24 June. However, similar to QF7 and QF107, the exit row on the upper deck for QF27 is at row 14. Exit rows in the upper deck for QF63, 21 & 15 are all at row 16.

So two quick rules:

1) If row 15 is available, OR

2) If row 14 is an exit row, then there is reasonable assurance the 747 has been refurbished.


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looking at Qantassource it shows last 3 747 flights have been with MK2 seats, about 8 or nine before those flights all MK1 seats. So expect a Mk1 seat but you may get lucky.

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