• Qantas launches Lifetime Platinum

    Jun 20, 2019, 02:13 PM

    Now if Qantas had allowed Status Credit transfers to family, it might be more doable!

  • I love the Singapore lounge... Even as a Platinum the lounge ticks all the boxes that I need. There is plenty on offer and I've never had to wait too long for a shower. It seriously becomes a bit of a snob factor to also expect a First lounge. I think there are better things for Qantas to spend m...

  • Not sure why anyone would sign up to this card if you can get a better point to dollar earn rate on other cards....

  • An airline decides what product they want to offer... If they brand it Business class then it should be priced as a Business Class seat irrespective of the product. They don't offer cheaper prices for recliner seats vs flat bed seats!

  • Virgin to launch new business class

    Jul 06, 2017, 12:44 PM

    Refurbished Business class or not... I will stick pick an A330 over a 737 for the trek to Perth.

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  • Reward Flights from Europe July 2018

    Nov 21, 2017, 03:10 PM

    It's peak season and the hardest sector to get is anything back into Australia. Unfortunately, especially in peak season, you pretty much need to book seats a year in advance to secure Business. Having said that, I have managed to get seats in Business on Emirates a few weeks out from my departur...

  • Why do you need to do anything? Keep accumulating the points on QF and then you can just fly on points on any OneWorld airline. Swapping across to another program means you start from 0... 0 points, 0 status. I stuck to one program and now have well over 1.5 million points and I book all my overs...

  • Why? I've been on both and they are much the same.... 

  • Qantas Business Class Toilets

    Aug 02, 2017, 11:48 AM

    Can't say I've had the same experience... I've always found QF Business Class to be fine. Sure... the A380 / 747 seats are not the best in the sky and should be replaced with the new Business seats but they offer plenty of leg room and they are comfortable. Never had an issue getting changed into...

  • I recently flew from Perth to Dubai and the Emirates 777 in Business and found the seat to be perfectly comfortable. You are right that it is not completely flat but there was plenty of space around the seat and I found the angle to be minimal. I had a really good sleep on the flight. 

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