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Hi all,

I'm looking to book a reward flight from Japan through to Sydney, in first class with Singapore Airlines.

This is a rare treat for me so want to enjoy the experience as much as possible! Japan to Singapore is a daytime flight which will be great, but the only non-waitlist availability offered for the SIN-SYD sector is either the 8:40pm or 00:45am departures. Both are showing as a380 so good from a suite perspective, but does anyone have a view (or experience!) on pros/cons of the overnight flights? For example would the 8:40pm offer a better dinner service before turndown for the night?


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Hi @Mike01,

I would recommend the 20:40 departure. This is because the 00:45 flight is pretty brutal and that is never very enjoyable. Also the lounges (dependent on layover time) have better food offerings at this ‘dinner’ time and more staff about, although if you have nothing on in SYD and you love the SQ lounges you might opt for the 00:45 flight. On the dinner service inflight, I believe it would be similar either way.




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Definitely the 8.40pm to enjoy the full dinner service. I just returnd on the 000.45am service, very much a sleeper service although in first you can still make it a good dinign experience but crew encourage sleep I find. The 00.45 departure also a shocker for the sleep pattern!

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