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Any recommendations for money card that has Indian Rupee please? Online, i can find HSBC as being the best. Does this product work well, if you bank with one of our big 4 banks?


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It's been a few years from my trip to India. Cash was king then and I would expect that it still is. Cards were not accepted in a lot of stores etc,which would make a money card a waste of time and effort.

p.s A money card is a waste of time in Amsterdam..ran into a family trying to use one at one of the museums.. it didn't work, credit cards only and that also applies to their trams.


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I found in my trip to India in early 2020 that there was a fairly widespread acceptance of cards. I would suggest you avoid the Australian big 4 or a getting a cash card. An option may be to go for an account which provides a rebate on international transactions and atm withdrawals. I found the ING orange everyday account to be ideal as it has most of these features, and came with a visa debit card, however I am sure other banks offer similar products. To save on incidental costs, make sure to link the card to apps you that will charge in local currency (eg uber) and if possible carry small denominations notes which will make your life much easier if cash is required.


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In my opinion, nothing you can find in Australia beats WISE, if you have time to apply and receive the physical card.

Currency conversion rates are outstandingly good, card payments in local currencies are free.

Free ATM withdrawals are limited to AU$350 per month, but even above AU$350 the fees are still better than anything else considering the cheap currency conversion.

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